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Photoshop | Soft Focus

Now, we back to photoshop tutorial design.
This time, we will learn to create simple effects on the photograph.

the tutorial is easy.
so, do not be afraid if we do not really understand the design techniques photo. we'll learn together.

1. Open your photo. This effect work nice on a sharp pictures like you seen below.

2. Now, Duplicate Background. always do this in editing. By duplicating Background you can return to original pictures, if something bad happens

3. Add Gaussian Blur from submenu Filter + Blur + Gaussian Blur.

4. Lower layer's opacity.

5. That last step will reveal missing detail. It creates a dreamy effect.

6. Here's the result before and after editing.

Done, Now you have soft focus effect on your photo, You like it?

thanks for masteringphotoshop for the images.

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